Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy Excels

By The Numbers


# of Counties We've Served

GED's Earned

High School Credits Earned

Service to Community hours provided to the State of Florida

Amount Florida communities saved from our Service to Community

Average Cost of a Cadet at FLYCA

Average Cost of Welfare Benefits (Family of 4)

Average Cost of an Inmate

To provide a highly disciplined and
motivational environment, free from
outside distractions, which fosters
academics, leadership, development,
personal growth, self-esteem and
physical fitness for qualifying
high school dropouts.

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of our graduates are placed in a exit option based on their
Post-Residential Action Plan .

The majority of our graduates pursue options such as:

Go Back To School!

Join the Military!

Join the Work Force!

Become a Productive Citizen!

Go to College!

Take the ChalleNGe, Make the ChaNGe!

Changing lives every day!
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Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy

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take the challeNGe, make the chaNGe

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